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FxPro offers you free basic online forex courses. We collect all the key topics to explain them in simple and clear words in the form of interactive cards: few text, plus an illustration – all in order to make the information as comfortable as possible!

Also, in the training section you will find online tests for self-checking, and useful files available to download after passing all the questions.

Our basic forex courses are perfect for novice traders who want to understand what the financial market is and learn how to trade professionally. We recommend you to move immediately from education to practice on a demo account. Open it in several simple steps: just click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of this page.

The information contained in our training material is considered marketing communication for educational purposes only and FxPro does not take into consideration your personal objectives or financial situation. Content should not be considered as containing any trading advice or recommendations, and we suggest conducting your own research and practising in a demo environment prior to taking any action.