Conditions de trading

Exécution du marché
Exécution du marché
cTraderSpreads Flottants
Le minimum: 36.00Moyenne: 36.00
Market Hours*Open Now
Market Hours*Open Now
Niveau Limite et Stop 0
1 valeur de tick0.001
Taille minimale du contrat0.01 lot
1 taille de lot1 FIL
1 valeur PIP pour 1 lot en USD0.001 USD
Pas minimum pour augmenter la taille du contrat0.01 lot
Exigences de marge pour ouvrir une position lock *0
Méthode d'exécutionMarket (irrelevant of platform or Account type)

* Seulement si le niveau de marge > 100%

Les écarts fournis sont un reflet de la moyenne pondérée sur la période de temps allant de 09:00 à 21:00 (GMT) pour la période du mois de 01/04/2020 - 30/06/2020. Bien que FxPro tente de fournir des écarts compétitifs pendant les heures de trading, les clients devraient remarquer que ceux-ci peuvent varier et sont sensibles aux conditions sous-jacentes du marché. Les mentions ci-dessus sont uniquement à des fins indicatives. Il est conseillé aux clients de consulter les annonces d’actualités importantes de notre Calendrier économique, qui peuvent conduire à un élargissement des écarts, parmi d’autres choses.

Les spreads ci-dessus sont applicables dans des conditions de trading normales. FxPro se réserve le droit de modifier les spreads susmentionnés en fonction des conditions du marché, conformément aux Conditions générales de vente.


Filecoin is a cryptocurrency and a decentralised data storage platform that was created in America in 2014.

Stanford graduate Juan Benet first launched Protocol Labs, a startup laboratory to research computer networks and create an \"improved\" Internet space. For this reason, and also to preserve all the knowledge accumulated by humanity, a particular peer-to-peer protocol was developed under the name InterPlanetary File System (hence the name of the token, Filecoin).

In 2017, an ICO was held as a result of which it was possible to set a record for the crypto world at that time, raising $257 million. Following such success, in 2018, Protocol Labs announced the launch of a grant program for researchers, announcing a total prize amount of $5 million. Interested users were invited to put forward practical ideas for optimising and improving the Filecoin project.

In 2020, the developers launched the FIL coin listing on the largest crypto exchanges: Binance, OKEx, and Huobi. By the way, OKEx invested $10 in developing this project in April 2021. An exciting fact preceded this: at the beginning of the same year, it became known that the capacity of Filecoin had increased to 2.5 billion GB. This volume can be compared with 11250 full pages of Wikipedia.

It is logical that this project follows trends, and therefore, in the same year, it launched the NFT Storage service. Its task is to store coins and protect the security of metadata.