Free forex trading online courses for advanced

Ease your first trading steps.
Study markets like a pro!

Free forex trading online courses for advanced traders are designed with a more detailed focus on specific areas of trading. Beginners are strongly advised to take a basic course first and familiarize themselves with the basics of trading before moving forward to advanced courses.

Our online interactive lessons include the following materials: various nuances of fundamental analysis, tips on technical analysis (including The Elliott Wave theory) and information on advanced combinations of indicators used in effective trading strategies.

The Fx trading course for advanced traders allows you to improve your trading performance and learn how to analyze the market independently. By enhancing your trading skills, you will develop and evolve your trading style bringing your goals closer.

The information contained in our training material is considered marketing communication for educational purposes only and FxPro does not take into consideration your personal objectives or financial situation. Content should not be considered as containing any trading advice or recommendations, and we suggest conducting your own research and practising in a demo environment prior to taking any action.