Conditions de trading

Exécution du marché
Exécution du marché
cTraderSpreads Flottants
Le minimum: 12.70Moyenne: 12.95
Market Hours*Open Now
Market Hours*Open Now
Niveau Limite et Stop 0
1 valeur de tick0.00001
Taille minimale du contrat0.01 lot
1 taille de lot1 ADA
1 valeur PIP pour 1 lot en USD0.00001 USD
Pas minimum pour augmenter la taille du contrat0.01 lot
Exigences de marge pour ouvrir une position lock *0
Méthode d'exécutionMarket (irrelevant of platform or Account type)

* Seulement si le niveau de marge > 100%

Les écarts fournis sont un reflet de la moyenne pondérée sur la période de temps allant de 09:00 à 21:00 (GMT) pour la période du mois de 01/04/2020 - 30/06/2020. Bien que FxPro tente de fournir des écarts compétitifs pendant les heures de trading, les clients devraient remarquer que ceux-ci peuvent varier et sont sensibles aux conditions sous-jacentes du marché. Les mentions ci-dessus sont uniquement à des fins indicatives. Il est conseillé aux clients de consulter les annonces d’actualités importantes de notre Calendrier économique, qui peuvent conduire à un élargissement des écarts, parmi d’autres choses.

Les spreads ci-dessus sont applicables dans des conditions de trading normales. FxPro se réserve le droit de modifier les spreads susmentionnés en fonction des conditions du marché, conformément aux Conditions générales de vente.


The Cardano blockchain platform is named after the famous 16th-century Italian mathematician Gerolamo Cardano.

On this virtual platform, users can develop their decentralised applications based on smart contracts. In fact, a certain kind of programmable coin can be created here. The system is based on mathematical proofs and game theory which is not surprising: Gerolamo Cardano was highly fond of gambling.

Apparently, the creator of this token, Charles Hoskinson, feels a special connection with this historical hero as he is also a mathematician who stood at the origins of Ethereum. Partners of this blockchain project couldn't agree on the prospects, so Charles and his friend founded their separate cryptosystem in 2017.

Soon, a branded ADA token appeared inside the Cardano universe, and its name is also not a coincidence. The coin is named after the Countess of Lovelace, Augusta Ada King. Even though her father was the poet George Byron, Ada didn't follow in his footsteps but delved into mathematics. Moreover, she created the world's first computer program and described all these processes. As a result, she is rightfully considered the first programmer in world history.

It is noteworthy that the smallest fractional part of the ADA token bears the name of the countess, Lovelace.